Meaning of Saurorja

सौरोर्जा – Saurorja –  is the Sanskrit word for Solar Energy.   Saura means Solar and Oorja or Urja means Energy.  We receive 173 petawatts on earth, but the Sun produces 384 yottawatts of energy in total.

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Could Indian Railways be Solar self sufficient?

Indian Railways is one of the largest consumer of both diesel oil and electricity in India. It uses 2.7 billion litres of diesel and around 20 billion KWh of electricity per year for traction purpose. Additionally another 2.5 billion KWh is used for non-traction related usages like powering stations and other things. This 2.7 billion…

Evaporative Cooler and Tonnage

Evaporative coolers are very useful in dry and hot climate. Pour a lot of water and run the fan, and get the cool moist breeze. It is a simple device and it is good for what it provides – fresh cool air. For a long time I have been thinking how to compare the evaporative…


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